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Termite Barriers – What Types of Termite Barriers Are Available?

The warmer climate of Queensland makes properties in the region highly susceptible to termite attacks. The damage can be expensive to repair and devastate a family home. Prevention is therefore essential to protect your investment. The best way to prevent termites is by having a physical or chemical barrier installed. The cost of a termite barrier can vary, but the price pales in comparison to what major repairs would be needed for your home if the damage is extensive.

A physical termite barrier termite barriers gold coast consists of a series of wide sheets that are placed beneath and around the property. The barriers are infused with a chemical that prevents termites from crossing them. The sheets are secured with adhesive and cloth tape. The type of physical barrier that is required will depend on your individual needs and the layout of your property.

A liquid chemical barrier is also available, these are sprayed in the soil surrounding your property. The chemicals are absorbed into the ground and act as a repellent to any termites that encounter them. The liquid barriers are available in both repellent and non-repellent types – the difference is that the non-repellent chemical is designed to poison a termite after it has consumed the barrier, so it can be used as a longer-term protection method.

There is also a option for a reticulation system which delivers the termiticide into the soil in a similar way to garden irrigation. This is a great option for new homes where a barrier may need to be installed prior to concrete slab pouring and it reduces the labour cost.

It is important to get a professional to install your barrier. They will be able to provide recommendations for the type of barrier that is appropriate for your property. They will be able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of different types of barriers. They should also provide a detailed quote with clear terms and conditions and a warranty or guarantee.

You should also consider the location of your property in relation to nearby trees and vegetation. Large bushes and garden beds can act as a pathway for termites to access your home, so if they are close by it is important to have a barrier in place.

Whether you choose a physical or a chemical barrier, it is important to have one installed by an accredited pest control company with a Queensland licence. This will ensure that the barrier is correctly installed and complies with Australian Standards.

If you are looking for a trusted and reliable company to install your termite barrier, call the experts at GC Pest Control. We specialise in protecting Gold Coast properties from termites. Our qualified and licensed pest control technicians are highly trained in the latest eradication methods including the installation of physical and chemical barriers. We offer competitive prices and are committed to providing quality service. Contact us for a free consultation and quote today!