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Getting Your Real Estate Continuing Education Fix Online

Real estate continuing education is a crucial part of a real estate agent’s tool kit. The requirements vary by state and license, but you can find a list of the required courses here. In addition, a recent legislative change removed the 15-year CE exemption for brokers, so all brokers must take CE starting July 1, 2021.

For many agents, the best way to get their continuing education fix is to do the legwork themselves. Some agents opt to go the free route, while others pay to participate in a course. Others take advantage of a local professional association’s offerings.

One popular option is 360training. This company offers a variety of CE options for sales agents and brokers. As a statewide approved school, it can also submit requirements to your state’s licensing board. Their website is user friendly, and they offer a number of special offers and deals to sweeten the deal.

Kaplan is a trusted name in testing and instructional design. They’ve got a variety of courses and a good selection of individual ones. You can choose from self-paced text-based courses, or opt for a full-on video experience. A few of their courses are a requirement for renewal, while others can be taken for the first time. There’s a variety of perks to joining, including a constantly growing library of continuing education courses, as well as a comprehensive tracker to ensure you never miss a deadline.

Another option is the Pulse portal. This service uploads course completion data for each attendee. Once the upload is complete, attendees can download course certificates. It may be the real estate continuing education simplest way to get CE credits.

The New York Department of Real Estate offers a variety of options for those who don’t have the time to go to a classroom. These include online on-demand courses and live distance learning courses via Zoom. Online courses allow you to take as many unit exams as you need. To pass, you must earn an 80% grade.

The real estate community is filled with professionals with different strengths and weaknesses. Continuing education can help you fill in the gaps and stay up to date on industry changes. If you’re looking for the best CE option for you, it’s worth the effort to research the specifics of your state. Most state-approved continuing education courses are affordable, and tax deductible as a necessary professional expense.

The real estate industry has many other perks, such as professional networking opportunities and advanced designations. However, the biggest draw of all is the opportunity to hone your skills through education. Investing in CE can boost your chances of a successful career and a well-rounded life. Not to mention, a good CE course can teach you about the latest in real estate law, finance, and construction.

Of all the CE courses you may take, the best ones will not only improve your knowledge base, but will also make you feel good about your investment. Many agents are willing to pay for CE, as long as they know they can count the small fee as a tax deduction.