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Are Movers Worth the Cost?

Whether you’re moving a small apartment or a huge house, hiring movers will make the process easier and more efficient. They know how to pack, load and unload your belongings, as well as provide extra services that you might not be able to do yourself, such as disconnecting appliances and disassembling furniture. However, many people struggle to determine if movers are worth the cost. They can save you time and effort, but they also come with a price tag.

Choosing the right movers will require research and shopping around. Begin by reviewing movers’ online reviews and grades on websites like Angie’s List. You can also contact your local Better Business Bureau or Consumer Affairs office to get referrals and reports. It’s important to get quotes from several movers, and remember that the lowest-priced mover is not necessarily the best one.

When comparing quotes, consider the moving type, distance and item volume and weight. Also consider specialty items, such as pianos and artwork. If you’re unsure what services are included, request an in-person or virtual home assessment to ensure the mover is quoting accurately. Also, compare movers’ insurance coverage. If you’re not satisfied with your mover’s response to a loss or damage claim, you can ask for a resolution in writing.

While some people may be tempted to save money by handling their own move, it is very challenging to safely and efficiently move large and heavy items without professional help. Even if you are physically fit, lifting heavy objects for an entire day is not only taxing but also puts your health at risk. You can injure your back, shoulder or hip by overextending your muscles, and a professional mover will minimize this risk by following proper moving techniques.

Hiring a full-service mover can also save you from having to rent or lease a truck, which is typically a size that’s too big for most individuals to comfortably drive. In addition, a full-service mover will take inventory of your belongings before packing them and establish how much space they will occupy in their truck, so there won’t be multiple trips to your old and new homes.

Finally, a full-service mover will clean your old home after you leave and prepare it for new tenants. In addition, they will clean your new home before you move in. They can also provide debris removal services and storage. Some companies offer a car transport service, which is ideal if you have an expensive or classic vehicle that you need to ship to your new location. Moreover, a few moving companies offer pet relocation services. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet will be transported safely.