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Show Your Commitment to Employee

In an age when more companies are being held liable for worker injuries and deaths, it’s more important than ever to show that you have embraced your responsibility to employee safety. Installing an employee monitoring system is a simple way to show that you have an ongoing commitment to protecting your workers and will do what you can to help keep them safe.

The best safety monitors safeguard lone and remote workers from harm by using phone-based check in systems, GPS trackers, and panic alerts to make sure that your employees can call for help quickly if they need it. This enables management to meet their legal duty of care to their employees, especially if they are working in remote or at-risk environments.

A good lone worker monitoring system Intercon Messaging – Alberta, Canada will instantly connect an employee who needs help to a 24/7 monitored alarm centre, which is manned by professionals trained to deal with emergency situations. A fully-featured lone worker monitoring suite will also provide digital checklists that enable front liners to accomplish daily tasks according to safety protocols and procedures, sensors that can detect when equipment or vehicles are due for maintenance, and automated report generation for compliance.

Whether your company employs a few lone workers or tens of thousands, there’s an employee safety monitoring solution for every need. Choosing the right solution is crucial because it will determine how effective your monitoring will be. A good employee safety monitoring system will also give your employees peace of mind, so they can focus on getting the job done without worrying about their safety.

If you choose to implement an employee safety monitoring solution, it’s a good idea to host regular question-and-answer forums at your employee training sessions, so that managers can hear directly from your workers about any concerns they might have. You might even pass out blank postcards to encourage your employees to write their questions and concerns in confidence and anonymously.

Scatterling’s lone worker safety and monitoring app is compatible with any smartphone device running on a cellular, wifi, or satellite connection. This allows your lone or remote workers to use the app to check in, report their status, and request assistance from an internal escalation team, or from a 3rd party emergency response service. The app also offers features like hazard timers, missed check-in alarms, and Man Down detection. It’s designed to be as pervasive as possible, so that it will work wherever your lone or remote workers go.