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Mango Furniture – A Beautiful and Sustainable Option

Mango furniture is a beautiful and sustainable option for those looking to furnish their homes. While mango wood can be purchased new, it is also a popular material for upcycling into distressed and shabby chic styles. Mango wood can be easily manipulated into this style by sanding, painting and staining it. It is a very affordable choice because it is easy to work with and doesn’t require much finishing work like many other hardwoods do. The best part about it is that it is incredibly durable and water resistant.

Unlike many of the other hardwood options available, mango mango furniture wood is a sustainable product. It is harvested from mature trees that have reached the end of their fruit-bearing lives. Instead of being burned or left to rot, mango trees are now used as a source for furniture making, providing additional income for farmers and creating a beautiful addition to any home.

The durability of mango wood makes it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas of the home. Tables, chairs, console tables, bed frames and dressers are all common pieces of furniture that can be made from this durable material. It is also lightweight enough to be moved around easily. However, it should not be placed in direct sunlight or near heat sources such as radiators, as the wood could become warped or cracked.

While mango wood is similar in strength to mahogany, it has a much more vibrant and unique coloration and grain pattern. This can make it more difficult to match pieces of furniture together for a cohesive look, but it also makes each piece of mango wood furniture stand out on its own.

This unique coloring is the result of fungus and insect attacks on the tree. These markings, similar to knots or rot marks on older wood, give the wood an attractive and rustic look that contrasts nicely with other colors of the room. Most often, the wood is golden brown in color, but it can have variations with yellow tints or black streaks across its surface.

Another thing that sets mango wood apart is that it ages very well, which adds to its already aesthetically pleasing nature. Because it is so durable, a piece of mango wood furniture will continue to age beautifully with little maintenance. It will take on a weathered and vintage look that can be further enhanced by adding metal elements or stains in lighter shades of paint.

In order to maintain the beauty of your mango wood furniture, it is important to keep it hydrated with regular polishing. This will prevent the wood from becoming dry and cracking over time. It is also a good idea to place the furniture away from any water sources such as bathtubs or kitchen utensils, as it can cause the wood to swell and create stains. The most important thing is to protect your mango wood furniture from excessive sunlight and the dryness of heat sources such as fireplaces and radiators.