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How CDAP Integration With Google Cloud Data Fusion Reduces CDAP Implementation Costs

Designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) stay competitive in an increasingly digital economy, the Canadian Digital Adoption Program, known as CDAP, provides funding and resources to businesses. One of the key aspects of the program is a digital needs assessment that is required for businesses to undergo a digital transformation. Marketing agencies can help SMEs to complete this assessment and develop a roadmap for them to follow. Depending on the type of business, some of these plans may be eligible for a BDC 0% loan to cover the costs of implementing the plan.

To simplify the process of building, scheduling and monitoring pipelines for any production deployment, CDAP has integrated with Google Cloud Platform technologies. This integration allows users to quickly assemble and deploy data pipelines to process any amount of raw data in minutes to hours rather than weeks or months, reducing operational and maintenance costs. The combination of the Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP) open source virtualization with the Google Cloud Data Fusion platform offers a code-free data integration solution that supports all kinds of real-time and batch use cases.

One of the main features that differentiates CDAP from other data integration tools is a powerful set of data transformation and processing capabilities, including support for nested schemas and complex schemas, and a wide variety of output formats. This enables complex transformations to be run in parallel, making them faster and more scalable than traditional batch jobs. Additionally, native support for BigQuery makes it easy to load massive amounts of data into BigQuery quickly and efficiently.

In addition to these capabilities, CDAP also offers a powerful and intuitive graphical interface for designing data flows and deploying them to the execution environment. The unified workflow management system is also able to automatically capture technical, business and operational metadata for any pipeline that is built within the system. This makes it easy for users to discover datasets, perform impact analysis, trace the lineage of a dataset and create audit trails.

To learn more about the CDAP process and to find out if your company is eligible for the grant, please contact us. Our team of expert digital marketing consultants will help you to assess your business and prepare a roadmap to transform your current operations into a more digitally-savvy model. Once this is complete, we can assist you with applying for the grant and completing a digital adoption plan that will be recognized by the Boost Your Business Technology stream of the CDAP program. This will allow you to access a BDC 0% loan to finance the implementation of your digital adoption plan. We look forward to hearing from you!